EU Funding course - Advanced

Course language: Italian


Conceived for those who have already attended the first level course or those who have knowledge of the basic elements of EU Funding (project cycle management, logical framework, financing programs of the EU), the course is an in-depth analysis of the techniques for the editing of a European project and of the aspects related to its management, monitoring and evaluation.

Beyond the phase of the editing, when it is necessary to show the quality of the project idea – the partnership, the economic sustainability, the techniques of writing and the elements related to visibility and communication – the course aims at focusing on the different aspects of the implementation of the project: from the financial management to the monitoring of the performances, from the organization of the meetings to the editing of a plan of communication, from the correct realization of the activities to the preparation of the reports to be presented to the European Community.

During the course there will be a seminar at the European Commission, where a financial officer will explain the procedures concerning projects' evaluation and introduce the main themes of Horizon 2020. 




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