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eLead – Competence map for the high-tech leader qualification


The partners of the European eLead project have recently completed the design of a Skills Map for the new qualification of high-tech leaders. The competence map (available for download at  https://bit.ly/3nwQ8g8) has been created through joint research carried out by the consortium members in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, and Spain with the aim of elaborating a clear definition of the high-tech leader profile.


The eLead Competence Map is intended as a tool impacting on training supply for SMEs and start-ups, providing VET professionals with new resources to produce effective training paths and assessment methodologies.

The other expected results that the project will produce are:


- eLead Pedagogical Manual: development of a practical manual for VET trainers, experts and professionals who deal with companies and managers in the high-tech sector (mainly SMEs and start-ups).

- MOOC - eLead training course: creation of a 32-hour online training course for high-tech leaders. The main objective is to create training materials for leaders and managers operating in the high-tech and digital sector in order to improve their high-tech leadership skills.


eLead is a project promoted by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, which aims to define a new study plan for the qualification of High Technology Leaders. This training profile will be part of the European Credit Transfer System for Education and Vocational Training (ECVET) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).


More information about the project and its results at www.eleadproject.eu.