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MOB4APP – Launch of the project 


According to the European Commission, there is a significant mismatch between the benefits of cross-country mobility in apprenticeship and the quality of the professional competences required to effectively accomplish this practice.

In order to respond to this need, the new MOB4APP project (funded by the Erasmus+ programme - cooperation project for innovation and for the exchange of transnational positive practices within the VET sector) will strengthen the role of VET professionals as a link between apprentices and companies, by implementing long term mobility experiences in Europe.

The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce will implement the project activities within a partnership composed of 6 organizations from 7 different EU countries.


MOB4APP has the purpose of developing and testing an integrated training system for professionals working in the VET sector aiming at acquiring the fundamental skills to develop and manage apprenticeships abroad.

In this regard, the project will produce the following tangible results:


IO1 MOB4APP Training Programme for VET Professionals

The Training programme will consist of training modules for a 32-hours training course. The modules will cover all the aspects related to the mobility for apprentices abroad. The main aim of this Output is to provide knowledge, skills and competences necessary to support, manage and assess effective experiences abroad for apprentices.


IO2 MOB4APP Toolkit for apprentices and SMEs

The toolkit will provide resources and tools for awareness raising and managing the mobility experiences addressed to apprentices and sending/ hosting companies.



An online training course for VET professionals on cross-country mobility for apprentices. The training course will be created to be delivered as a MOOC through the online platform. The MOOC will be optimized for mobile devices and can be used online or in blended learning environments.

The project seeks to generate a particular impact for VET Professionals (considered as the primary target group), VET students/trainees and companies (final beneficiaries) through the creation of original materials, activities and training modules to support, manage and implement long-term mobility apprentices in Europe.


At the end of the 25 months of the project life cycle, three professionals of the sector from each partner country will be involved in a five-day transnational training experience in Germany, where they will test the skills acquired throughout the training course.

Follow the MOB4APP Facebook page for all the updates: https://www.facebook.com/Mob4app