The project “Ospitalità Italiana, Ristoranti italiani nel mondo” arises from the need of safeguarding the authenticity of the Italian “well eating” culture and aims at certifying the best Italian restaurants in the world.

The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is the representative of the project in Belgium. It proposes a number of restaurants for the certification, previously selected on the strength of the so-called “10q”, the 10 golden rules of the Italian food service, such as the reception, the menu, the wine selection, the use of PDO and PGI products. (



      • to develop and promote the traditions of Italian food and upgrade the culture of Italian food and wine;

      • to enhance the image of the Italian restaurants abroad which guarantee the respect of the quality standards of Italian hospitality;

      • to create an international network, promoting the realization of events in the field of Italian productive excellence.


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 Certified restaurants in Belgium


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