Chamber most recent activity report


Who we are


The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCBI - is a private Belgian association founded in 1950. Since 1987 it is part of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad network, which counts 140 offices in 55 countries of the world (including Israel), and is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.


First established as a Chamber of Commerce dedicated to promote trade exchanges between Belgium and Italy, the CCBI has expanded its mission to better fit in a world where international relationships are constantly reshaping. With its crucial position in the heart of Europe, in tight contact with the European Institutions, CCBI has developed competences and know-how on EU policies, and founded a successful European Desk which has been now operating for 10 years.


CCBI takes part to and is organizer of a set of European events, promoted by the European Commission and implemented with international partners. Several conferences and meetings have been organized during the implementation of projects focused on vocational training, capacity building of NGOs, and entrepreneurship (such as Uni-key, Open Eye 2-3-4-and5, ENPI Training&Networking, Grundtvig Education&Culture). CCBI has sound experience in the European programme for the Higher education, notably in the Grundtvig Workshop, the Erasmus multilateral networks, and the Leonardo da Vinci. Within this framework, it was invited by the European Commission to carry out a survey at European level among SMEs and to present it at the EAIE annual meeting (European association for international education).


CCBI has a long experience in organizing training courses and formative seminars (5 courses and 1 master, held twice a year; and additional ad hoc trainings on demand). These courses/seminars are attended by, in average, 30-40 participants. They are held in English or Italian. In the framework of this activity, CCBI provides all promotional activities, didactic planning, administrative support to participants and logistic arrangements, etc.


World network


CCBI is part of the Association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (Assocamerestero, ). Today there are 81 Chambers in 55 countries with 140 points of presence and over 25.000 member companies: 70% of them are non-Italian firms interested at different levels in mutual exchanges with Italy. The network of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad enables individual Chambers to easily find international partners, and to access to studies and Country analysis. Despite its worldwide distribution, the network works in close cooperation, meeting at least twice a year to discuss on common issues or potential cooperation.


European cooperation and project experience


The CCBI participates, as leader or partner, in several international projects financed by the European Union, the Italian Ministry for Economic Development or other international organisations. By engaging in these initiatives, the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce ensures its members a variety of high added value services related to vocational training, internationalisation of enterprises and entrepreneurship of young people.


Specifically, in the three years period 2012-2014, the CCBI had been taking part in the following European projects:


  • programme “Erasmus for young entrepreneus”, leading partner in the “Open-eye 7” project; the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is involved in the programme since cycle 2;

  • programme “ENPI”, leader in the project “EU Partnership for Peace - Training and networking in Israel, Jordan and Palestine”;

  • programme “LLP-Erasmus”, partner in the project “Uni-key - Turning European placements into a learning environment for entrepreneurial skills – as a key competence of graduates of European universities”;

  • programme “EU-CANADA”, partner in the project “The Enhanced EU-Canada Economic Partnership: Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs”;

  • programme “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs”, leader in the “Open-eye 5” project;

  • programme “LLP-Grundtvig”, leader in the project “Developing European dialogue on culture and education”;

  • programme “LLP-Grundtvig”, leader in the project “M-HOUSE - Mobile-learning to unleash households business potential”.

  • programme “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme”(EIP), leader in the project “Tastes of Trappists: a slow tourism experience”


European newsletter


In order to provide up-to-date information on European topics, every week the European desk of CCBI sends a newsletter to enterprises, professionals, universities, NGOs, associations, public and private institutions.
The newsletter usually includes news concerning:

  • Public contracts published by the European institutions (tenders for buying products, services or supply in Italy, other European countries and outside the European Union area);

  • Calls for proposals published by the European Commission (EU fundings are available in several sectors such as internationalisation of enterprises, research and development, international development cooperation, etc.)

  • Theme-based events organised by the European institutions in Brussels and in other European cities.

  • Organization of Fairs and Commercial events in Belgium


Consultancy and technical assistance for internationalization of SMEs

The European Desk of the CCBI provides information on European funding, European tenders, and other European activities that may interest companies and public bodies in Italy or Benelux. Moreover, the European desk provides personalized consultancy in the search of new partners for projects or for trade agreements, as well as advices on European legislation and funding. It promotes the organization of workshops and seminars. In particular the CCBI European desk offers the following services:


  • Information on European public procurements for purchase of services and products;

  • Information on European grants in different fields, such as internationalization of enterprises, education, research and development, cooperation and development, energy, environment, culture, etc;

  • Participation on thematic European information days;

  • Consultancy in the field of European procurements and grants (research of the right budget line, support in project drafting, partner search, etc.).


Courses & Trainings

International Master in European Studies

The International Master in European Studies is organized jointly by the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of the European Studies of the Universitè Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve, cooperating since 2009 on the academic part, in 2014 the International Master in European Studies is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Since 2004, more than 500 students from all over the world have already taken part in the course and are now working in the field of policy advising and project management in several Countries.

95% of the students of last edition were satisfied or very satisfied of the course and would recommend it to a friend.

The next edition will take place from September to December 2014.



ExpoItalia has been the most important Italian event in Belgium during the past thirty years.

The fair has been held every two years since 2007 by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce at Brussels Expo, with the support of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development. Nine sectors are represented: oeno-gastronomy tourism, culture, fashion, design, craft, automobile, services and technology. ExpoItalia addresses itself not only to a Belgian public but also to Italian Regions, Chambers of Commerce, companies and enterprises aiming at promoting and enhancing their products.

The latest edition took place in 2013 and was a huge success with its 110 exhibitors and almost 30,000 visitors.



The event ( promotes eno-gastronomic and artisanal excellence. It is organized at the Maison Grand Place, in the main square of Brussels. The location is an ancient building of the XVIII century, which was the house of the dukes of Brabant. This promotional event allows participants to build new partnerships and business opportunities, as well as to promote food & beverage products to the public. Thematic meetings and round tables are also organized in order to foster possible synergies and to provide specific trainings.

The third edition of the fair took part from the 12th to the 14th of December 2014, and was dedicated to the Italian gastronomic heritage.


Organization of specific promotional events

The CCBI organizes promotional events in different sectors. It is specialized in events in the sector of food & beverage, such as tasting workshops, round tables, conferences, visits to enterprises, information points at trade fairs, etc.


Italian Fairs

The CCBI promotes important events in Italy and Belgium for enterprises, specialized press, visitors and importers. The purpose of the CCBI is to assist enterprises in planning their participation, in order to gain the utmost from attending the fairs and to stimulate contacts between Belgian and Italian professionals.

For this reason, CCBI offers services of consultancy and assistance for both exhibitors and visitors; on this aim we select Belgian delegations of  operators to come visiting some specialized fairs and to organize B2B meetings with Italian firms.



  • Information about fairs in Italy and Belgium;

  • Translation of marketing materials;

  • Logistical assistance for exhibitors, visitors and buyers;

  • Searching of trading partners;

  • Tracking of contacts during the fair;

  • Drafting of press releases and collaboration with trade magazines.


The CCBI is the agent in Belgium of the fairs of Milan, Verona and Parma. The Chamber's support of its members covers the entire process of their participation to fairs (strechting from booking the hotels, to organizing the stands and meetings, to providing translation services etc.)



The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, publishes a quarterly review named InfoItalie.
The review is dispensed to all partners, banks, companies and European institutions which are based in Belgium and Luxembourg.
By virtue of this publication, the two Chambers are able to promote Italy in both Belgium and Luxembourg.
List of publications:


Conferences and seminars

The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce regularly organises conferences and seminars on various themes and for different audiences:


  • "We mean business: how SME can benefit from EU mobility program"

Brussels – 20/06/2012
Ms Marta Bronzo (CCBI), Ms Dominique Figa ( AEF Europe, National Agency for LLP), Ms Luisa Gaioni (CCBI), M. Thomas Berger (University of Applied Sciences Fulda / Institute inter.research e.V.)

  • " Protection des données: un droit fondamental reconnu à tous "

Brussels – 23/04/2012
Ms. Viviane Reding - Vice-President of the European Commission

  • "Apple or Google, who is the most innovative?"

Brussels – 07/12/2012
Mr Kumardev Chatterjee (EYIF) and Mr Larry Moffett (EYIF)

  • "Why do we need a Common Agricultural Policy for the future?"

Brussels – 04/10/2011
Mr Arnaud Petit (COPA-COGECA)

"The new European External Action Service. Directions on 2014-2020 instruments "

Brussels – 23/05/2011
Mr Andrea Mogni (European Commission)

  • "Scope of co-funding for Indo-European research projects"

Bangalore – 07/03/2011
Mr Srinivasa Murthy (FKCCI), Mr Shashikanth (IICCI), Mr Lazzarini (CCBI), Ms Bronzo (CCBI), and Mr S. Sampathraman (IICCI)

  • " Indo-European cooperation on research, technology and innovation projects"

Mumbai – 10/03/2011
Ms Nupur Matur (IICCI), Mr Matteo Lazzarini (CCBI), Ms Marta Bronzo (CCBI)

  • "European policies and funding opportunities for research projects" New Delhi – 11/03/2011

New Delhi – 11/03/2011
Mr Niraj Hans (IICCI), Mr Matteo Lazzarini (CCBI), Ms Marta Bronzo (CCBI)

  • "Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty"

Brussels – 29/09/2010
Ambassador Philippe de Schoutheete

  • "European policy context and funding opportunities for environment, research and innovation"

Brussels – 29/06/2010
Mr Petit (COPA-COGECA), Mr Gordiani, Mr Pasini (Italian Ministry of Environment)

  • "Is the energy security of Europe in danger?"

Brussels – 26/05/2010
Prof. Snoy et d’Oppuers

  • "Finding the right balance between China's domestic needs and international stability"

Brussels – 11/05/2010
Mr Morvilli (CCBI), MEP Rivellini, Ambassador Zhe, MEP Ivanova, Prof. Defraigne

  • "European projects: best practice for budget drafting and financial management"

Brussels – 26/06/2009
Ms Daniela Lambertini (European Commission)

  • "The current financial and economic crisis: where are we today?"

Brussels – 28/09/2009
Ambassador Alexandre Lamfalussy