Conferenties en Seminaries


De Belgisch-Italiaanse Kamer van Koophandel organiseert regelmatig conferenties en seminaries over diverse thema’s en voor een divers publiek:


      • ""The role of networks to achieve the European aims of 2020"

Rome - 11/02/2016

M.Bronzo, F.Boccio, E.Borrelli, I.Caloisi, C.Cullen, E.Dalmonte, M.Francica, R.Jones, M.Lustri, M.Magheri, L.Marino, G.Nardualo, J.Ortiz, G.Rendo, R.Sassu, A.Tsaltamapsi

      • "Enhancing SMEs competitiveness in the EU"

Brussels – 05/10/2015

Gianna D'Addamio (European Commission), Anne v. Laufenberg (IFHE)

      • Tastes of Abbeys": a link between sustainable tourism and thematic products

Brussels – 09/06/2015

Sofie Van Den Bossche (Visit Flanders), Miguel Gallego ( European Travel Commission)

      • ""EU Project management"

European Parliament Brussels – 5/11/2014, 18/11/2014, 9/12/2014, 27/02/2015, 16/07/2015, 14/10/2015

MEP Marco Zanni, MEP Marco Zullo, MEP Marco Affronte, MEP Daniela Aiuto)

      • "The Tax Advisor in the framework of the Professional Qualification Directive"

European Parliament Brussels – 03/12/2014

P. Toia (MEP), A. Marinelli (ANCOT), Nikolov (European Commission), Koleva (European Commission)

      • "EU-Canada Relations: Opportunities for European Companies"

Brussels, De Markten – 03/06/2014

G.Geudeus, C.De Marzo

      • "Tastes of trappist": a slow tourism experience 

Brussels, De Markten – 12/05/2014

G.Geudeus, C.De Marzo

      • "Uni-key - unleash your business potential"

Brussels – 30/09/2013

M.Bronzo, T.Berger, A.Stasinakis, V.Debiais Santon, L.Pirozzi (European Parliament), S.Jahnke (erasmus student network), L.Moffett (European young innovator), M.Van der Valk 

      • "EU - Canada free trade Agreement. What's in it for the green economy"

Brussels – 27/06/2013

Ms Marta Bronzo (CCBI) 

      • "Leadership and governance of EU Economic policy"

Brussels – 26/09/2012

Ambassador Jean de Ruyt

      • "We mean business: how SME can benefit from EU mobility program "


Ms Marta Bronzo (CCBI), Ms Dominique Figa ( AEF Europe, National Agency for LLP), Ms Luisa Gaioni (CCBI), M. Thomas Berger (University of Applied Sciences Fulda / Institute inter.research e.V.)

      • " Protection des données: un droit fondamental reconnu à tous "

Brussels 23/04/2012

Ms. Viviane Reding - Vice-President of the European Commission

      • "Apple or Google, who is the most innovative?"

Brussels – 07/12/2012

Mr Kumardev Chatterjee (EYIF) and Mr Larry Moffett (EYIF)

      • "Why do we need a Common Agricultural Policy for the future?"

Brussels – 04/10/2011

Mr Arnaud Petit (COPA-COGECA)

      • "The new European Exernal Action Service. Directions on 2014-2020 instruments "

Brussels 23/05/2011

Mr Andrea Mogni (European Commission)

      • "Scope of co-funding for Indo-European research projects"

Bangalore 07/03/2011

Mr Srinivasa Murthy (FKCCI), Mr Shashikanth (IICCI), Mr Lazzarini (CCBI), Ms Bronzo (CCBI), and Mr S. Sampathraman (IICCI)

      • " Indo-European cooperation on research, technology and innovation projects"

Mumbai 10/03/2011

Ms Nupur Matur (IICCI), Mr Matteo Lazzarini (CCBI), Ms Marta Bronzo (CCBI)

      • "European policies and funding opportunities for research projects" New Delhi 11/03/2011

New Delhi 11/03/2011

Mr Niraj Hans (IICCI), Mr Matteo Lazzarini (CCBI), Ms Marta Bronzo (CCBI)

      • "Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty"

Brussels 29/09/2010

Ambassador Philippe de Schoutheete

      • "European policy context and funding opportunities for environment, research and innovation"

Brussels 29/06/2010

Mr Petit (COPA-COGECA), Mr Gordiani, Mr Pasini (Italian Ministry of Environment)

      • "Is the energy security of Europe in danger?"

Brussels 26/05/2010
Prof. Snoy et d’Oppuers
      • "Finding the right balance between China's domestic needs and international stability"

Brussels 11/05/2010

Mr Morvilli (CCBI), MEP Rivellini, Ambassador Zhe, MEP Ivanova, Prof. Defraigne

      • "European projects: best practice for budget drafting and financial management"

Brussels 26/06/2009

Ms Daniela Lambertini (European Commission)

      • "The current financial and economic crisis: where are we today?

Brussels 28/09/2009
Ambassador Alexandre Lamfalussy