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Enhancing VET professionals skills for e-leadership education and training


Digital transformation open new chances for industry to become more efficient, to improve processes and to develop innovative products and services. It has also created unique marketplace challenges and opportunities. Several studies estimate that digitization of products and services can add more than EUR110 billion of revenue in Europe in the next five years.


In order to boost the development of digital transformations through Europe, it is vital to address the current shortage of talents capable of leading the innovation needed to capitalize on advances in new digital and key enabling technologies.



This calls for a specific set of skills, which the European Commission defines as e-leadership skills. E-leaders aren’t simply leaders with digital skills – they combine business knowledge (for example, business models and strategies) with understanding of technology (upcoming technologies and the risks and opportunities of new technology) and classic leadership skills (conviction, mentoring and mediation).


Nowadays, the supply of e-leadership skills in Europe is below demand. The projecteLead-Enhancing VET professionals skills for e-leadership education and training” intends to fill this gap by creating educational material for VET professionals involved in training processes for workers and managers in high-tech/digital sector, in order to implement and promote training paths for the acquisition of e-leadership skills.


The project, within the framework of the Erasmus + Programme, has officially started in October 2019 and will last for 28 months. The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is part of the consortium composed of seven partners from five different European countries (Italy, Belgium, Netherland, Spain and Greece).


The key strategy to impact on end users is to combine the training of trainers (provision of new pedagogic approaches, tools and materials) with the e-learning methodology, used to make available the course for the final users, through a MOOC. 


The project will target workers, managers, companies and the economic system in partner countries fostering the supply of high-tech leaders in order to take advantage by innovation opportunities in high-tech/digital sector.


eLead is an Erasmus+ project KA201 – Strategic Partnerships for school education.


You can find further info at www.eLeadproject.eu.